Venice slowly sinks

Venice, the beautiful city on water, despite the ability to receive 33,000 tourists a day, is receiving an average of 59,000 tourists. This is one of the reasons that this beautiful city is in danger.

A huge number of tourists who visit Venice, real estate construction and inadequate maritime traffic light causes destruction of ecosystems in the Venice lagoon bay, according to the Italian non-governmental organization Italia Nostra.

Architect Cristiano Gaspareto said that according to studies carried out 1998th years, Venice has the capacity to receive 33,000 tourists a day. The city every day has on average 59,000 tourists visit.

According to the experts in Italy Nostra, Venice is to receive a limited number of tourists who have booked travel arrangement.

The non-governmental organizations opposed to the plans of the municipality near the city of Venice to build a new depot, businesses and casinos, that other cities should be connected to high-speed rail.

Italia Nostra sharply criticized a plan by which the Venice lagoon below should build a tunnel in length of nine kilometers.

The president of Italy Nostra Alexander Moto Molfino said that Venice is really in danger, adding that it needs to find a solution that would provide long-term development.